Holiness IS Happiness

We are less than we were created to be.

We don't have to stay that way.

Since Eden, we have only seen one fully human, spiritual person. But, through faith in him, we can be restored. As the Apostle says, we can be made "partakers of the divine nature." How would you live if you FELT that? Could such joy, once experienced, ever be really lost? Would your prayer life EVER cease?

Such things are not a pipe dream. Through Jesus, we can rebuild. In HIM, the spirit you need to do this is already in YOU. If you know Jesus, you don't need to find yourself. Build intimacy with the Spirit he has put in you. As a matter of course, you will find yourself along the way, without even having to worry about it.

Holiness IS happiness.

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Holiness is so much MORE . . .

Holiness includes morals, but is not merely moralistic. What if true wholeness, true integrity, is on the other side of holiness?

Holiness includes a first step of separation, but is not merely separatist. THE Holy One CONNECTS. He incarnates.

What if holiness is required for authentic connection? What if the lack of holiness is what damns us to loneliness?

"I write this to make joy complete . . . If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another."

What if everything that could really make you happy was on the other side of holiness?

Wouldn't pursuing it be worth the effort? Join us Sunday and pursue holiness with us.

Simon Says, "Self Awareness."

Food for thought:

If you haven’t learned to handle the fear spike in a healthy way, much of the story you tell yourself about yourself is fiction. Like Simon Peter’s story about himself was fiction. His narrative about himself did sometimes drive him to appear to excel. And certainly God was IN Peter’s story and was using Peter even WHILE Peter was still wandering in his false narrative about himself. But eventually that narrative, that illusion, collapsed. The real beauty of Peter’s story is how he rebounded after he failed; after he found out he wasn’t elite; after he found out he wasn’t as special as his insecurity drove him to convince himself he was; after he found peace with not being necessary. THEN he became an example of the truly excellent way (1 Cor. 12.31-13.8). Not without failures, but without needing to tell himself anything about himself or needing to convince others about himself or needing others to convince himself about himself.

We are all Peter.