Overcoming the Curse of Sin

Roman 8.28-39

1.  Believe in God’s Goodness (8.28)
2.  Choose to Be FOR People (8.29-30)
A.  Embrace People w/o Flinching    
B.  Emulate His Commitment        
C.  Take Initiative
D.  Validate the People You Relate to
E.  Prophesy Their Potential
3.  Stop Believing that Life Is Against You (8.31-34)
4.  Reject Impressions of Separation (8.35-39)

Knowing and Knot Knowing

Isaiah 49.7-16

Redemption: Ransomed from the torment of fear, shame, & guilt
1.  Embrace People without Flinching
2.  Emulate God’s Commitment to You
3.  Take Initiative
4.  Validate the People You Relate to
5.  Prophesy Their Potential

Finding God in the Fight

Romans 7:7-25

Adopt a Biblical Strategy to Fight Well
Own the Emotional Results of the Fall in You
Develop an Integrated Conscience
Identify the Forces at Work in You
Accept the Struggle (7.23-25)

Resurrection Sunday: The State of Easter

John 20.1-29

  1. What Has the Cross Has Done for God?
  2. What Can the Cross Can Do for You?
  3. What Does the Resurrection Change Now?
  4. How Can the Resurrection Change You?
    1. He can make a demonic woman his first witness (1-18)
    2. He can turn fearful men into apostolic world-changers (19-23)
    3. He can turn a disillusioned skeptic into a devout worshiper of God (24-28)
    4. He can remove our need to see and know for ourselves. Faith is enough (29)
    5. He empowers us. He can make us proactive rather than trapped in reactivity.

Palm Sunday: Triumphal Entries

Luke 19.28-48

  1. Set the Stage
  2. Consider the World’s Way
  3. Embrace God’s Foolish Way
    1. Make a Conscious Choice (28-38)
    2. Feel God’s Agony (39-44) (see Matt 23.37-39)
    3. Celebrate the Temple (45-47) (see Matthew 21.12-16)
  4. Learn from Jesus and Pilate (John 18.33-38)

God's Unconditional Heart

Romans 5:12-21

  1. Explore the Intellectual Dilemma
  2. Confess Our Obsessive Need to Understand
  3. Get Input from Other Apostles
  4. Muse about God’s Crazy Love (Rom. 5.12-21)
  5. Embrace Faith and a Faithful Process