Are We Totally Depraved?

Romans 2.17-3.20

  1. Think Clearly (2.17-3.8)
    1. Define “the Law” in Paul’s writings (2.17-18)
    2. Evaluate Your Own Behavior (2.19-24)
    3. Engage Your Heart, not Just Behavior (2.25-29)
    4. Appreciate Abraham’s Descendants (3.1-4)
    5. Stop Playing the Sophist (3.5-8)
  2. Get Paul’s Main Point (3.9-20)

The Good News About Anger

Romans 1.15-2.1


A Noble Spirit (One That Feels “Eagerness” and “Obligation”):

  1. Celebrates the Gospel (1.15-17)
  2. Frames the Issue Correctly (1.19-23, 25, 28a)
  3. Understands the “Wrath” of God (1.18-32)
  4. Challenges His Inner Pharisee (2.1)

A Good Message Needs Good Messengers

Romans 1.1-7

  1. Key Words in Romans:
  2. Justice, Just, Justify – approximately 30 times
  3. Righteous, Righteousness – approximately 30 times
  4. Faith – approximately 40 times
  1. Embrace... (1.1)
    1. Smallness (1.1) This is bigger than you. SLAVE.
    2. Election (1.1) (called, singled out) for Good News
  2. Seek Revelation, not Just Reason (1.2-4)
    1. Prophets
    2. Scripture
    3. Jesus
    4. Holy Spirit
    5. Obligation/Indebtedness (see 1.14)
    6. (also Nature, Conscience)
  3. Promote... (1.5-7)
    1. Grace
    2. Apostleship
    3. Obedience of Faith
    4. All Nations
    5. Grace
    6. Peace

Act on Your Faith

Prepare to Be Tested

Challenge Your Mentality (2 Cor. 10.1-6)
Challenge Your Physical Comfort Zone (2 Cor. 11.23-29)
Challenge Your Character(2 Cor. 13.5-11)
Challenge Your Character (2 Cor. 13.5-11)

Embrace Discomfort (5a)
Look for Opportunities to Test Your Authenticity (5b)
Experience Jesus in Yourself and in Others (5c-6)
Love the Truth No Matter What (7-8)
Aim for Restoration (9-11)

Trials, Platforms, and Limitations, Trials: The Obstacle IS the Way

1.  Integrate Paul’s Trials with Our New Testament

2.  Gain a Better Perspective (Philippians)
     A.  Feel good about God's work in people (1.3-7)
     B.  Empty yourself like Jesus did (2.1-7)
     C.  Release the past (3.13-15)
     D. Learn the secret of contentment (4.10-13)

A.  Feel good about God's work in people (1.3-7)
Do you tend to see how God is working in people OR be discouraged by what seems to be a lack of progress?

B.  Empty yourself like Jesus did (2.1-7)
What practical steps could you take to empty yourself like Jesus did?
C.  Release the past (3.13-15)
What is most holding you back from giving yourself more fully to knowing Jesus and advancing His Kingdom?

 D. Learn the secret of contentment (4.10-13)
Where are you lacking contentment? “self-contained-ness”? 
Where are you inappropriately “needy”? 
What are you going to do about it? 

Faith Journeys pt4

Get Involved in Church Life (18.1-20.38)

  1. Give the gift of a gentle spirit (1 Cor 1-4)
  2. Receive the gift of identity (Ephesians)
  3. Move from Receiver to Giver (Acts 20.35) (Uncover Who God Made You To Be)

Faith Journeys pt3

1. Employ Strategic Simplicity (13-14) 
2. Navigate Basic Challenges
    Process Conflict Well (15.36-41)
    Work for Social Justice, but Live the Gospel (16.35-40)
    Reject Demagoguery (Media & Manipulations) (17.1-9) 
    Cultivate a Noble Heart & Mind (17.10-15)
    Celebrate the Sovereignty of God (17.16-34)
2. Get Challenged with God’s Bottom Line
    Build People, not Movements (18.1-17)
    Get Involved in Church Life (18.24-19.41)