Overcoming the Gates of Hades pt2

2 Peter 1.10-2.3

Application Questions:

  • Which of the following character traits do you most desire?
  • What can a person do to grow in this area?
  • How can a church community help?
  • Virtue: moral excellence, strength to choose the noble path
  • Knowledge: experiential walk with God
  • Self-control: inner strength, self-mastery
  • Steadfastness: perseverance, fortitude
  • Godliness: God-centered, quickly factors God into life decisions 
  • Brotherly Affection: learning to love in a platonic way
  • Love: agape, good will, unconquerable benevolence
  • Covet Peter's Heart Values (1.12-15)
  • Pursue an Experiential Walk with God (1.16-18)
  • Study the Word (1.19)
  • Affirm the Divine Origin of the Bible (1.20-21)
  • Beware of False Prophets (2.1-3)