Overcoming the Gates of Hades pt6

2 Peter 3:1-9

  1. Wake Up Your Mind (1)
    Can you name one area where you could
    be more spiritually focused?

  2. Remember the Old Testament (2a)
    What OT story do you find easy to relate to your life?

  3. Obey the New Testament (2b)
    What NT teaching do you find to be particularly challenging?

  4. Understand Scoffers and Their Motives (3-4)
    What part of the Christian doctrine seems absurd to you?

  5. Maintain Accountability (5-7)
    What helps you live righteously, self-controlled,
    and mindful of judgment day?

  6. Imitate God's Heart (8-9)
    How can we help each other become more longsuffering?