So, What About The Bible?

2 Timothy 3.10-17

Cooperate with the Bible’s Main Purpose
1.  Gain an Overview of the Bible
2.  Value the Bible’s Approach
3.  Explore the Idea of Authority

The heart of our faith is God’s authority, (“out of being”) who has born witness to the faith through:
     Fulfilled Prophecy
     Eyewitness Accounts
     The Office of Apostle

4.  Consider an Analogy
5.  Cooperate with the Bible’s Main Purpose (2 Tim. 3.10-17) 

  1. Start with “Grace.”
  2. Refuse to separate “Bible” from “Church,” your study of the book from your commitment to relationships.
  3. Commit to getting better: teaching, reproof, correction, and training
  4. Get to work on God’s Kingdom! THIS is the Bible’s Purpose! (3.17)