A More Perfect Church

Ephesians 3.7-21

1. Empower Disciples of Jesus Christ (Strategy)

  • Matthew 16.13-18 – Take initiative. Be bold even in the most evil times. (Initiator) (+/-)
  • Matthew 28.18-20 – Be a lifelong, obedient, growing learner who helps others learners on the journey. (Learner) (+/-)
  • 1 Timothy 3.14-15 – Listen to others in the church so YOU can be a pillar and a foundation of truth, not just facts. (Pillar) (+/-)

2. Equip Them to Minister (Tactics) 

  • Ephesians 4.11-15 – equip volunteers to minister by being apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, and pastoral.

3. Embrace Demographics as God-Ordained (Logistics)

  • Acts 17.24-28 – Embrace changing demographics instead of clinging to your own “kind.”
  • Colossians 3.10-14 – Reject primarily identifying people by ethnicity, culture, gender, class, or social graces (“Scythians”).
  • Revelation 7.9 – Seek a diverse community of faith.


  • Show His Wisdom
  • “Know” (Experience, Practice) a Love That Surpasses “Knowledge” (Intellect, Theory)