Participate in Advancing God’s Kingdom

Haggai 1.1-15

  • Explore the Symbol of the Temple 
    • Admonish Biblically
    • Appreciate the Temple’s Importance
    • Absorb the Eternal Picture
    • Accept the Shocking Truth (1 Cor. 10.11)
  • Evaluate Your Life (Haggai 1.1-5)
  • Examine Your Heart (Haggai 1.6-11)
  • Enter the Work (Haggai 1.12-15)

5 Keys to Thriving in Ministry

  1. Spiritual Formation – keep learning and growing.  Stay open to new perspectives.  Have some close, transparent relationships, meet regularly, and LISTEN to them 
  2. Self Care – physical exercise, limited emotional eating 
  3. Emotional and Cultural Intelligence – the ability to LISTEN emotionally to others, to recognize, validate and adapt in the moment to others’ perspectives, emotions, and culture
  4. Marriage and Family
  5. Leadership and Management – building a diverse team.