The Church: Mission Impossible pt3

Acts 7.44-8.1

  • A.  Master the Basic Message
  • B.  Keep the Mission Paramount
  • C.  Speak Truth to Power
  • D.  Create Forms That Facilitate Function
    • The Deacons were the first “form” the Apostles created

    • Simple forms allow us to keep our focus where it needs to be

    • Human nature flips it and puts form over function, thus killing power and efficiency.

    • Think in Terms of Identity, Function, and Form.

    • When Deacons were established, the organism added an organizational element


Some Food For Thought...

  • What if God's "righteous anger" was not what most think it is?
  • What if "forgiveness" was not quite what you think it is?
  • What if fulfilling our mission as a church had a lot more to do with processing anger and unforgiveness well than we want to admit it does?
  • What if we admitted that our entire culture is steeped in anger and unforgiveness?
  • What if we stopped imitating the culture and ditched our shallow attempts at righteous indignation?
  • What if we actually took the lead in defusing anger and mastering the art of forgiveness?
  • What if we stopped excusing our shortcomings in these areas?


  • E Internalize the Gospel (Acts 7.54-60)
  • Gain a correct view of Jesus (54-56)
  • Stop trying to control results (57-59a)
  • Focus on your union with Jesus (59b)
  • Master the art of forgiveness (60)