Learning to Listen to God When He Speaks

Hebrews 12

Find Courage to Persevere in God’s Work - Defeat Discouragement

  1. Confess How You Really Feel (1-3)
  2. Cultivate Grace-Based Strength (4a)
  3. Work on the Temple (4b)
  4. Bank on God’s Promises TO YOU (5-6)
  5. Fulfill Your Deepest Desires (7)
  6. Define Glory Accurately (8-9a)
  7. Find Peace in God’s Temple (9b)

Learning to LISTEN to God When He Speaks

  1. Run with Perseverance (Hebrews 12.1)
  2. Endure Hard Times as Training (Hebrews 12.7)
  3. Compose Yourself for the Life’s Journey (Hebrews 12.12)
  4. Work Hard to Develop Holy Relationships (Hebrews 12.14)
  5. Focus on God’s Eternal Grace (Hebrews 12.22)

Seven Principles That Predict Your Ability to Persevere with a Good Attitude

  1. Stop Looking to the Past(Confess How You Really Feel)
  2. Examine the Source of Your Strength (Cultivate Grace)
  3. Rely on God’s Present Promises/Covenant (Work on the Temple)
  4. Determine to Look Forward (Bank on God’s Promises TO YOU)
  5. Keep Jesus at the Center (Fulfill Your Deepest Desires)
  6. Stop Acting Like an Owner (Define Glory Accurately)
  7. Define Value Spiritually (Find Peace in God’s Temple)