Make Church Life a Joyful "Win/Win" pt2

Isaiah 60.15-61.3

Follow Well (1 Peter 5.1-11)

  1. Practice Submission (5)  
  2. Submission Teaches Humility (5b-6)
  3. Humility Puts Your Heart at Rest (Trust and Control) (7a)
  4. A Heart at Rest Exults in God’s Care (7b)
  5. An Exultant Heart Thinks Clearly (8)
  6. Clear Thinking Resists the Devil (9)
  7. Resisting the Devil Leads to a Settled Spirit (10)

A settled spirit can do something the Devil can never do: Truly, freely GIVE without thought of return. The Devil can INVEST, but he can never truly GIVE.

It Is More Blessed to Give . . .
“We will give as God has prospered us (I Cor. 16:2); contributing not grudgingly nor of necessity but cheerfully to the support of the ministry, the expense of the Church, the relief of the poor and the spread of the Gospel through the world (II Cor. 9:7)”

  1. Contribute Financially (1 Cor. 16.1-2)
  2. Not grudgingly 
  3. Not of necessity/commandment (2 Cor. 8.8)
  4. Cheerfully (2 Cor. 9.7)
  5. Support the Ministry
  6. Meet the Church’s Physical/Administrative Needs
  7. Spread the Gospel

What is God really asking of us when He commands us to forgive?