The Trinity pt2

Romans 12.1-18

  • We need to think spiritually
  • We need to act spiritually
  • We need to emote spiritually
  • Only one man’s spirit did all three perfectly
  • For us, all three are good/bad
  • God’s spirit is what heals all three

 10 Signs You May Be Out of Touch with Your Own Heart (Heidi Priebe)

  1. Taking care of everyone else.
  2. Disappearing from their lives for long periods of time.
  3. Constantly. Staying. Busy.
  4. Continuously claiming that you’re fine.
  5. Developing irrational anxieties.
  6. Putting a positive spin on everything.
  7. Wanting to plan everything ahead of time.
  8. Dating people who are wrong for you.
  9. Turning EVERYTHING into a joke.
  10. Presenting a tough-as-nails exterior.
  • Shows us how we process life (1 Cor. 2.11-14)
  • Helps us focus on others (1 Cor. 3)
  • Demands humility & restraint in our judgments (1 Cor. 4.1-6)

Four Tests to See How Spiritual or Mature Your Evaluation/Judging Is:

  1. Are you building people up or tearing them down? (1 Cor. 3)
  2. Are you overly critical to yourself? (1 Cor 4.3)
  3. Are you overly critical of others (esp. assigning & judging motive? (1 Cor 4.4-5)
  4. Are you going beyond what is written? (1 Cor 4.6)
  • Get over yourself (Col. 3.9-17)