The Person and Work of Christ

John 1.1-18

  1. Contemplate the Inspired Text (John 1.1-18)
  2. Develop a Biblical Theory of Jesus
  3. Apply It to Your Life
    1. Get Over Ourselves (Col. 3.9-17)
    2. Commit to Making Jesus Our Example (Phil 2.5-8; Rom. 12.1-18)

When we are more like Jesus we...

  1. Empty ourselves (Phil. 2.5-8)
  2. Gain a more merciful disposition in response to God’s mercy (12.1)
  3. Dedicate ourselves more fully to God (Rom. 12.1)
  4. Discern where we need to be different from the world (Rom. 12.2)
  5. Get outside our own perspective (Rom. 12.3) THIS REQUIRES FAITH!!!
  6. Reach our potential both as individuals and as a church (Rom. 12.4-8)