The Prophet's Hope

Luke 2.25-35

  1. Intro: Renounce Lies That Kill Hope (Prov. 13.12)

    1. Lie #1: Something new, naughty, nice, or ‘needed’ will restore my energy

    2. Lie #2: My world is inevitably, inexorably getting better.

    3. Lie #3: “Identity Politics” Will Save Me

    4. Lie #4: The flawed coping mechanism of “Safety-ism”

  2. Apply a Prophet’s Insight (Simeon) (Luke 2.25-35)

    1. waiting for the consolation

    2. a light for revelation to the Gentiles

    3. for glory to your people Israel

    4. this child is appointed for the fall and rising of many

    5. a sword will pierce through your (Mary’s) soul also

    6. so that thoughts from many hearts may be revealed

  3. Follow a Prophet’s Process (Paul) (Rom. 5.1-5)

    1. Choose to rejoice in suffering (remember Simeon’s insights)
      (The fight for your attitude is the first fight you must win. If you have a bad attitude, you are fighting yourself and whatever the actual challenge is)

    2. Suffering produces endurance

      (“Suffering “ is meager rations, hardships, restrictions, anxieties)
      (Safety-ism weakens our constitution)

    3. Endurance produces character

      (validation, dependability)

    4. Character produces hope

  4. Gain a Prophet’s Hope (John) (Rev. 19.9-10)

    A Prophet’s Hope Changes Attitude and Perspective