People of Faith

Hab. 1.12-2.4

  1. Address the foundation (Hab. 1.12-2.4)

    1. Our problem: we cross examine & judge God by our reason.

    2. His Response: trust in the prophecies.

    3. The needed bridges between our reasons and God's prophesies: faith.

  2. Prepare for the Advent. (Matt. 3.1-12)

    1. Be willing to be a little weird for Jesus. (3.4)

    2. Embrace change.

    3. Who you think you are is not enough compared to who you need to be.

  3. Fix their eyes on the unseen. (2 Cor. 4.16-18)

    1. Faith connects with a reality that reason cannot attain by itself.

    2. Faith is essential to all relationships. Relationships are gambled placed on the character of the one we choose to open up to.

    3. Sooner or later your decisions will reveal whether you value faith enough to gamble on God's character.

  4. Overcome their egos. (1 John 1.19-27, 3.22-36; Matt 3.13-15)

    1. Reject pride and the need for your name to be known.

    2. Push through insecurity.

    3. Reject false humility. Who are you to shrink back from who God has called you to be and what He has told you to do?

  5. Accept that faith requires faith. (Luke 7.18-28)

    1. Doubt by itself is not the problem. Even John the Baptist doubted.

    2. Doubt is a problem when we require more evidence then we really need to step out and trust God, even with our lives.