Seven Signs of Encroaching Darkness

Philippians 2.1-15

  1. Fix Your Own Attitude (1-5)

    Find What you Glory in (6a)
    Let That Glory Go (6b-7a)

  2. Enter the Current System As a Servant (7b)
    Serve Even If It Kills You (8a)

  3. Put Obedience above Understanding  (8b-11)
    This Demonstrates Humility
    Humility’s Self-Mastery Defeats Evil

  4. Discover Pure Motivation (“Fear & Trembling”) (12-15)

    1. Sorcery

    2. Adultery

    3. Perjury

    4. Unjust Work Conditions/Wages

    5. Oppressing Widows & Orphans

    6. Harshness toward “Immigrants”

    7. No Fear of the Lord

      1. Confess God’s Word (Spirit)

        This Strengthens Your Spirit

      2. Confess Your Wounds (Psyche/Self)

        This Brings Authenticity & Healing

      3. Confess Your Bad Works (Sin Beast)

        This Creates Ownership, not Blaming