The Way, Wonder, and Woe

Jude 1.9-16

  1. Follow Michael’s example (9-10)

  2. Reject Ways of Woe (11)

    1. The Way of Cain (Genesis 4)

      (Victim Mentality, Spiritual Laziness)

    2. Balaam’s Error (Numbers 22-24, 31)

      (Greed, Using Human Weakness for Personal Gain)

    3. Korah’s Rebellion (Numbers 16)

      (Self-Promotion in the Church, Lack of Respect for Existing Leadership, Projection)

  3. Master Nine Signs of a Compromised Spirit (12-16)

    1. Fellowship w/o conviction, no conviction about fellowship (12a)

    2. Self-serving leadership, self-absorption (12b)

    3. Image without substance (12c)

    4. No grounding, not a rock, unable to really support others (13)

    5. Grumbling (16a)

    6. Fault finding, malcontents (16b)

    7. Impulsivity, inability to restrain oneself, addictions (16c)

    8. Ego (16d)

    9. Manipulative (16e)