The Human Being

Genesis 1:26-28, 2:7, 2:15-17

Can You . . .
Recapture Contemplation and Wonder?
Contemplate God’s Purpose (Gen. 1.26-28, Rev 4.11)
Rediscover Exploration and Adventure?
Explore Our Constitution (Gen. 2.7, Prov. 20.27, Ps. 51.6)
Grapple with a High Purpose? (only if you . . .)
Fulfill Our Mandate (Gen. 2.15-17)
Reboot Your Operating System
Start with the “AAA” Club
1.  Askings
How do you feel when you are being questioned?
Does the inquisitor’s intent matter?
What goes through your mind when someone else is asking you questions?
2.  Authority
3.  Agency