A More Perfect Church

Ephesians 3.7-21

1. Empower Disciples of Jesus Christ (Strategy)

  • Matthew 16.13-18 – Take initiative. Be bold even in the most evil times. (Initiator) (+/-)
  • Matthew 28.18-20 – Be a lifelong, obedient, growing learner who helps others learners on the journey. (Learner) (+/-)
  • 1 Timothy 3.14-15 – Listen to others in the church so YOU can be a pillar and a foundation of truth, not just facts. (Pillar) (+/-)

2. Equip Them to Minister (Tactics) 

  • Ephesians 4.11-15 – equip volunteers to minister by being apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, and pastoral.

3. Embrace Demographics as God-Ordained (Logistics)

  • Acts 17.24-28 – Embrace changing demographics instead of clinging to your own “kind.”
  • Colossians 3.10-14 – Reject primarily identifying people by ethnicity, culture, gender, class, or social graces (“Scythians”).
  • Revelation 7.9 – Seek a diverse community of faith.


  • Show His Wisdom
  • “Know” (Experience, Practice) a Love That Surpasses “Knowledge” (Intellect, Theory)




So, What About The Bible?

2 Timothy 3.10-17

Cooperate with the Bible’s Main Purpose
1.  Gain an Overview of the Bible
2.  Value the Bible’s Approach
3.  Explore the Idea of Authority

The heart of our faith is God’s authority, (“out of being”) who has born witness to the faith through:
     Fulfilled Prophecy
     Eyewitness Accounts
     The Office of Apostle

4.  Consider an Analogy
5.  Cooperate with the Bible’s Main Purpose (2 Tim. 3.10-17) 

  1. Start with “Grace.”
  2. Refuse to separate “Bible” from “Church,” your study of the book from your commitment to relationships.
  3. Commit to getting better: teaching, reproof, correction, and training
  4. Get to work on God’s Kingdom! THIS is the Bible’s Purpose! (3.17)

Practice Gracious Living

John 1.14-18

  1. Define Grace
  2. Unpack John’s Simple Statement (1.14-18)
  3. Reflect on Galatians 5.25-26
  4. Practice Gracious Living
    1. Own Our Anti-Grace Default Setting (Gal. 5.25-26)

    2. Stop the Negativity: Grace Is Gratitude (1 Tim 6.17)

    3. Learn to Listen to Life (Luke 12.11-12)

  5. Act on These Insights

When Is the New Truly New?

Galatians 5.16-26

  1. Contemplate John’s Not New/New Command (1 John 2.7-14)
  2. Apply Grace to Your Life (Galatians 3.23-4.7)
  3. Examine YourSELF (Galatians 5.16-26)
  4. Change (But How?) Grace – Bible – Church