The Human Being

Reconverting Fear pt2

1 Peter 3.8-17

  1. F.A.C.E. Fear and Anxiety (7)

    1. Face Fear

    2. Acknowledge the Truth vs. False Belief

    3. Confront That

    4. Experience Fear’s Power

    5. False Expectations Appearing Real

    6. Failure Expected Action Required

  2. Develop Clear Thinking (8-9)

  3. BE a gracious, peaceful, joyful warrior (10-11)

Reconverting Fear

1 Peter 5.1-11

Cultivate Caregiving Muscle (ACT) (1 Pet. 5.1-11)
1. Encourage Others (1-4)
A.Believe It’s Worth It (5.1)
A.Take Positive Initiative (5.2b)
A.Stop Needing to Fix People (5.3a)
A. Start Fixing Yourself (5.3b-4)
2. Accept the Sovereignty of God (5a)
3. Gain Humility (5b-6)
4. F.A.C.E. Fear and Anxiety (7)
False Expectations Appearing Real
Face Fear
Acknowledge the Truth vs. False Belief
Confront That
Experience Fear’s Power