2 Corinthians 5.11-6.10

  1. Commit to the Mission
  2. Join the Church
  3. Know Your Enemy

An Apostolic Faith Should Generate An Apostolic Mentality

  1. Clement of Rome (Knew Peter and Paul)
  2. Ignatius of Antioch (Knew John)
  3. Polycarp of Smyrna (Knew John)

(Polycarp may be the “angel” of Smyrna in Revelation 2) 

  • When IN Afflictions, Hardships, Calamities, Imprisonments, Riots, Labors, Sleepless Nights, Hunger (6.4-5)
  • Cope BY Purity, Knowledge, Patience, Kindness, The Holy Spirit, Genuine Love, Truthful Speech, The Power of God (6-7a)
  • Respond WITH Weapons of Righteousness Right & Left (Meek & Gentle) (7b)
  • THROUGH Honor, Dishonor, Slander, Praise (8a)
  • SOMETIMES, in the grammar of life, it is all about the pre-position

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

John 14.15-17, John 15.26-27, John 16.5-14

  1. Value the Holy Spirit (John 16.7-11; Rom. 8.1-11)
  2. Download the Inner Life of God (John 15.26-27; 2 Cor. 3.4-6; Gal. 5.22-23)
  3. Think About What the Spirit Has Done for You
    1. Regeneration (Titus 3.1-7)
    2. Indwelling (John 14.14-17)
    3. Baptism (1 Cor. 12.12-14)
    4. Sealing (Eph. 1.13-14)

The Person and Work of Christ

John 1.1-18

  1. Contemplate the Inspired Text (John 1.1-18)
  2. Develop a Biblical Theory of Jesus
  3. Apply It to Your Life
    1. Get Over Ourselves (Col. 3.9-17)
    2. Commit to Making Jesus Our Example (Phil 2.5-8; Rom. 12.1-18)

When we are more like Jesus we...

  1. Empty ourselves (Phil. 2.5-8)
  2. Gain a more merciful disposition in response to God’s mercy (12.1)
  3. Dedicate ourselves more fully to God (Rom. 12.1)
  4. Discern where we need to be different from the world (Rom. 12.2)
  5. Get outside our own perspective (Rom. 12.3) THIS REQUIRES FAITH!!!
  6. Reach our potential both as individuals and as a church (Rom. 12.4-8)

The Waiting Journey

Romans 12.9-21



  1. Pray (Romans 12.9-21)
  2. Rejoice
  3. Weep
  4. Serve (1 Thessalonians 1.9-10)
  5. Wait

While We Wait...

  • Accept being a stranger and a pilgrim
  • Abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul (1 Peter 2:11)
  • Release bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamor, and evil speaking (Eph. 4.31-32)
  • Practice kindness one to another
  • Forgive with a tender heart
  • Do good unto all people, especially unto them who are of the household of faith (Gal. 6:10)
  • Remember them who have the rule over us, who speak unto us the Word of God (Heb. 13:7)
  • Support our Church with our prayers and our presence at its services
  • Give as God has prospered us (1 Cor. 16:2)
  • To support the ministry
  • To meet the expenses of the Church
  • To relieve the poor, and
  • To spread of the Gospel (2 Cor. 9:7)

Privilege, Poverty, & Mission pt3

Philippians 2.1-17

  1. Find Joy in a Mobilized, Unified Community  (1-2)
  2. Ignore the Siren Call of Empty Glory (3-4)
  3. Imitate Christ and DESCEND into Greatness (5-11)
  4. Stop Minimizing the Work of God IN YOU (12-13)
  5. Conquer Your Own Self-Righteous, Disputing Mind (14-15)
  6. Maximize the Impact of Your Life (16-17)

Privilege, Poverty, & Mission pt2

Proverbs 31.1-9

  1. Define “Poor” (“Poor” & “Abject Poverty”)
  2. Understand the Poverty of Humanity
  3. Integrate the Proclamation of the Gospel
  4. Examine Poverty in the World Today
  5. Accept the Mission (Prov. 31.1-9)
  6. Reject the Common Mentality
  7. Unpack Philippians 2.1-17

It Is More Blessed to Give

Luke 6.17-26

1. Contribute Financially (1 Cor. 16.1-2)
Not grudgingly
Not of necessity/commandment (2 Cor. 8.8)
Cheerfully (2 Cor. 9.7)
2. Support the Ministry
3. Meet the Church’s Physical/Administrative Needs
4. Spread the Gospel
“and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors.”
What is God really asking of us when He commands us to forgive?
“Great peace have those who love your law, and nothing can offend them” (Psalm 119.165)

Three Stages to Healing Broken Relationships

  1. Forgiveness (RELEASE) (Release)
  2. Rebuilding of Trust (RESTORE) (Forbearance)
  3. Reconciliation (RENEW) (Exoneration)

5. Relieve the Poor

Next Week: Thy Kingdom Come

Isaiah 60.15-61.3

  1. Introduction
  2. Learn the brutal lessons that teach humility (60.15-17) 
  3. Seek Good Leaders (60.17-60.22)
  4. Emphasize the Poor (61.1-3)
  5. Define “Poor” (Gal. 2.6-10, Luke 6.17-26, Matt 5.1-11)

Make Church Life a Joyful "Win/Win" pt2

Isaiah 60.15-61.3

Follow Well (1 Peter 5.1-11)

  1. Practice Submission (5)  
  2. Submission Teaches Humility (5b-6)
  3. Humility Puts Your Heart at Rest (Trust and Control) (7a)
  4. A Heart at Rest Exults in God’s Care (7b)
  5. An Exultant Heart Thinks Clearly (8)
  6. Clear Thinking Resists the Devil (9)
  7. Resisting the Devil Leads to a Settled Spirit (10)

A settled spirit can do something the Devil can never do: Truly, freely GIVE without thought of return. The Devil can INVEST, but he can never truly GIVE.

It Is More Blessed to Give . . .
“We will give as God has prospered us (I Cor. 16:2); contributing not grudgingly nor of necessity but cheerfully to the support of the ministry, the expense of the Church, the relief of the poor and the spread of the Gospel through the world (II Cor. 9:7)”

  1. Contribute Financially (1 Cor. 16.1-2)
  2. Not grudgingly 
  3. Not of necessity/commandment (2 Cor. 8.8)
  4. Cheerfully (2 Cor. 9.7)
  5. Support the Ministry
  6. Meet the Church’s Physical/Administrative Needs
  7. Spread the Gospel

What is God really asking of us when He commands us to forgive?