Coming Soon! New Church-wide Bible Study for Small Groups & Sunday School Classes

Starting Sunday, January 8, 2017, we will begin a study entitled, 31 Major Teachings of Jesus Christ.  We want to share this exciting news so you can plan and participate if you are not part of a small group or Sunday School class. The great thing about this study is that all of the materials are already provided for you. There are no purchases necessary. All you will need is your Bible and something to write with and just show up. If you are looking for a Small group or Sunday School class, please feel free to reach out to any of the pastors.

The Major Teachings of Jesus to His Followers

Topical Outline by Rick Leineweber Jr.

Scripture Selections by Phil Bena and Jeffrey Watson (from his book entitled “Biblical Counseling for Today”)

Content/Teaching Outline by Phil Bena with periodic insights from Jeffrey Watson

Study Description: During His approximately 3 year public ministry, Jesus focused on teaching and mentoring a small group of followers who would continue the work after His departure. The 4 Gospels document this process while identifying the major behaviors Christians should live out as His representatives in this world.




    9:00a Prayer Meeting
    9:30a Sunday School
   10:45a Worship Service
    5:45p AWANA Clubs
    6:00p Faith Facts
    7:00p Karate for Christ    
    6:00p Fellowship Dinner
    7:00p Youth Group
    7:00p Karate for Christ


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